Benefits of a Velvet scrunchie

First of all our team would like to thank everyone who participated in our most recent survey 'What are the befits of a velvet scrunchie?' This has been a common question that most of our Scrunchies By Us customers have been asking and our team finally decided to put this together for you.

The main benefits of a velvet scrunchie besides the smooth texture and appealing looks, a velvet scrunchie is the way they keep your hair in the best condition possible while also stopping potential hair damage. The silky texture and the layer of fabric between your hair and the elastic makes a velvet scrunchie worthwhile and comfy.

We all know how hard it can be to make our hair smooth and looking neat after a night of tossing and turning. Well, who know that this could be easily fixed by using a velvet scrunchie? Scrunchies are defiantly the key to perfect hair and make mornings less stressful.

We should all be aware that one of the worst things that you can do to your hair is using elastic bands as you are removing the moisture and oils that are vital for healthy hair as there is too much pressure on one part of your hair but when you use a velvet scrunchie you are making your hair smoother and more hydrated.

Another benefit of a velvet scrunchie is the way that the puffy fabric makes it less like likely to snag and pull out strands of your hair as well, leaving your hair tangle-free!

Like this sleep scrunchie!

Even this Daisy chain one is cute and has hassle free results

Or this pink one!

Thank you for reading our Benefits of a Velvet scrunchie blog!

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