A Scrunchie a Day

Hi everyone, today we are going to be starting a new scrunchiesbyus challenge that will take place over the days. It is a challenge where each day one of the members of our team will pick a scrunchie from the scrunchiesbyus collection, wear it and then review it. This will happen over the next fortnight in a series of seven blogs. We are hoping that you all enjoy this fun, new 'a scrunchie a day challenge.' If you want to be alerted of when our next post come out go follow this link and sign up for our emailing list, if you haven't already done so.

First of all we would like to introduce Amy, one of our valued team members to our challenge.

Me-'Hi Amy, how do you fell about joining todays 'a scrunchie a day' challenge?'

Amy-'Hey Missy, I am really excited to see how our new challenge works and what the result are!'

Me-'I am so excited too Amy, so let's get into it!"

For our first 'a scrunchie a day' interview we chose a Pretty In Pink Velvet Scrunchie because the flawless pink fabric matched Amys dress. As soon as Amy picked out the Pretty in pink scrunchie we new it was perfect. 'You can really feel the soft texture if the fabric,' says Amy, I am glad that she said that too, as it is one of the main features of the scrunchie.

When she first used the scrunchie she tied it in her hair as a low-pony tail, making the scrunchie really stand out against her dark, brown hair. 'It is a great scrunchie because of it ability to hold your hair in so many positions,' I told Amy as she twisted her hair into a neat bun that held well.

Overall, it is agreed that the Pretty in Pink Scrunchie is flexible, fashionable and has an amazing texture, making it a worth-while scrunchie fit for anyone wanting to automatically have a good hair day whenever they were it.

Thank you so much for viewing todays blog, we hope this has entertained you and helped you in your scrunchie shopping, for more post, sign up for a mailing list and receive discount and post notifications.

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