A Scrunchie a day- Day 3

For todays scrunchiesbyus challenge we will be introducing our trustworthy team member, Ella, to wear and review her chosen scrunchie.

At first Ella felt nervous about joining todays 'a scrunchie a day' challenge but now she says she is ready to go with day 3, so, let's get into it!

In this a scrunchie a day interview Ella has chosen the hair drying scrunchie because Ella thought that it was the most practical. Ella said 'I want to test the scrunchie to see how much water it can hold.' So, we filled up an clean ice-cream container of water and watched how much it could stand.

Amazingly, after just fifteen minutes the scrunchie had soaked up all the water in the container and was soaking wet. Ella and I were highly impressed by the results and agreed that the hair drying scrunchies was a success and is good for anyone who wants to stop their dripping hair from wetting their couch.

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