A Scrunchie a Day- Day two

Hi everyone, today we are going to be continuing our scrunchiesbyus challenge that will take place over the days. It is a challenge where each day one of the members of our team will pick a scrunchie from the scrunchiesbyus collection, wear it and then review it. This will happen over the next fortnight in a series of seven blogs this is our second blog post. We are hoping that you all enjoy this fun 'a scrunchie a day challenge.' If you want to be the first to know when our next post comes out go follow this link and sign up for our emailing list, if you haven't already done so. Firsty, we would like to introduce Clara, one of our hardworking team members who will participate in todays challenge. Me-'Hello Clara, are you ready for todays 'a scrunchie a day' challenge?'

Clara-'Hi Missy, I am very ready for todays challenge and already have a scrunchie in mind that I might review today.' Me-'Which one?" Clara- ' The Miss America Scrunchie of course!'

For our second 'a scrunchie a day' interview Clara chose the Miss America Scrunchie. As soon as I saw Clara with the Miss America Scrunchie we knew it would suit very well as It went with her striped shirt.

'It is so lightweight,' Clara remarked, I nodded in agreement because that is one of the main features of the Miss America scrunchie.

Clara loved the scrunchie because of the easy, hassle-free way that she could use it. 'Whether I am going to the gym or to the mall, this scrunchie is fit for anything and everything.' Said Clara, noticing the way it made her outfit complete wether she was wearing gym pants or casual clothes. It was agreed that the Miss America Scrunchie is the perfect scrunchie as it is light-weight, fashionable and has an amazing texture, making it a worth-while scrunchie fit for anyone wanting to have an all-purpose scrunchie. Thank you so much for viewing todays blog, we hope this has entertained you and helped you in your scrunchie shopping, for more post, sign up for a mailing list and receive discount and post notifications.

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