Scrunchies-are they good for your hair?

To answer the question simply, yes! Scrunchies are great for your hair and can have some very positive effects!

I bet you didn't know when using elastic bands you can actually damage your hair, especially if you tie them to tight or pull them out to fast. This can cause your hair to become weaker and in some hair can cause breakage.

Another benefit would be how elastics cause headaches and that is completely avoidable with a properly made scrunchie.

This is why we recommend using a soft-touch scrunchie, as it slides out of your hair easily and hassle-free. They also have fabric around the elastic which provides a barrier between your hair and the scrunchie.

A good tip for healthy hair is to wear silk and satin scrunchies to bed as scrunchies don't draw out the natural oils in your hair, this is important to prevent any damage in your hair. This is a good reason that Scrunchies are good for your hair.

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