Scrunchies; Different Styles

Hi Everyone, this is our new blog about the different scrunchies styles in 2020!

Most people associate scrunchies with bad hair styles of the 80s and 90s yet today we are going to prove that they have a place in 2020 and are not just a thing of the past.

In this blog we will be explaining what scrunchies are best for what activity and why

If your hair is shorter and you to pull it back into a low pony tail it is best to wear a secure srunchie with long elastic for maximan capture of your hair. This is a cute style that looks effortless yet practical when performing tasks like going to the gym or to work.

If you are looking for a scrunchie to wear around your arm or in bed it is important to pick a scrunchie with a nice texture and size. Some of the best scrunchies for this are velvert and silk scrunchies. This is because they are light-weigh and don't kink your hair.

Another thing to factor in when looking for scrunchies is how it will fit in with your outfit whether it will suit your school uniform or match your favorite socks. This is important because you have got to pick something suitable as well as fashionable.

Overall, scrunchies are a great new accessory that improve your hair health as well as make your outfit shine. So, if you find yourself wanting to play around with Scrunches after reading this blog, I highly encourage it. They are a great accessory and addition to any outfit! If you are looking for some quality scrunchies head to for more! Enjoy!

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