Scrunchies, one for every occassion

Do you have a scrunchie for shopping, a scrunchie for workouts and one for bed?

Well, even though it may seem strange it is quite important that you use the right scrunchie for the right activities. Wether you are going to the gym to break a sweat or going to school presentation night, there is a scrunchie for everything. In this blog we will help you find the right scrunchie for you and your hair!

So, there are many types of scrunchies that are available but here is a list of the top five most common scrunchies and their uses.

5. The Sleep Scrunchie

This adorable sleep scrunchie is smooth and soft to touch, it is mainly used for sleeping in because of its light-weight fabric and its ability to leave your hair clean and tangle free. It is mainly used in bed but it can be used as an everyday fashion accessory!

4. Hair Drying Scrunchie

This is the the best scrunchie to use after a shower with wet hair. Even though its purpose is to stop wet hair dripping it doesn't dry hair completely.

3. Miss America Scrunchie

This scrunchie is bright and fun! Perfect for a trip to America or just as a cute accessory!

2. Very Cherry Scrunchie-

This accessory will brighten up your day!

1. Stary - Eyed Unicorns-

This scrunchie is the prefect addition to make your day magical!

Thank you for visiting, we hope that you enjoyed our blog and now you have a clearer understanding about 2020 fashion trends and best types of scrunchies to wear, happy scrunchie shopping!

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